Bowie State University Creative Piece

Source: Bowie State University Creative Piece

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Loyola University Maryland Creative Piece

Source: Loyola University Maryland Creative Piece

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Johns Hopkins University Creative Piece

Source: Johns Hopkins University Creative Piece

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Bowie State University Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*Bowie State University*

In a Glenn Dale Elementary classroom,
A male graduate from Bowie State University
is not simply standing over these young learners,
He is giving them a figure to look up to.
Many times we wonder where our youth went wrong,
When often it takes a male role model to teach them right
While their minds are most apt to adapt.
Because for any child to learn the right way:

They first must see an example.

Though our teachers do not raise these children,
We make them Rise
like the sound of the bell
to fight the false beliefs
that they’re what’s already lost.

Bowie State is where pedology first became
a program, and as such
obstetricians of education,
We prepare your young for life.


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Loyola University Maryland Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*Loyola University Maryland*

Loyola is

Bold Hearts.

The lifeline of glory is in Loyola’s past,
In Fall Football Classic Fields
where the lesser groups were
And it is still found in the annual
Relay for Life
where we run with the hope
that cancer patients’ hearts
will take after our Lacrosse team
and keep beating.
To find success like Matt Shearer, Bobby Horsey,
as well as our 2012 National Champions.

Loyola’s athletes, both male and female,
have succeeded in Lacrosse and
in the classroom as well,
with one of the most competitive student-athlete
graduation rates in the nation…to help showcase these

Bright Minds.

Brilliancy from vaults like Tom Clancy;
Authors, delegates, and Hounds
bound to influence the business world
upon graduation from one of the best
Business Law & Marketing programs in
The North.

Loyola’s minds & hearts have found glory,
and as lights of North residing in elegance,
this Strong Truth is seen
Well Lived.


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Johns Hopkins University Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*Johns Hopkins University*

It was the night before Christmas,
When a dying Johns Hopkins
Bequeathed the gift of life
To our university and Johns Hopkins Hospital—
So that our residents could return this gift
To patients of America, China, Italy, and Singapore…
Ensuring hundreds of years after Johns’s last breath,
He will live on long after his death.

Who says scientists don’t believe in miracles?

Johns’s philanthropic donation transplanted hospitals
the heart of medical care:
The birth of cardiac surgery, the electronic defibrillator, and CPR.
Now today, like Johns, what were thought to be last breaths, have resurrected…
As Blue Jays who rise to challenges not only on the LAX field where we beat defeat
more than any program in Division I Men’s Lacrosse,
but also in medicine:

Discovering restriction enzymes leading to the spawn of genetic engineering.

Striking a bone-marrow treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia using only half-matches.

Matchmakers revamping kidney transplants through plasmapheresis, making A and B compatible.

Developing embryonic stem cells to cultivate the growth of man.

And being the first major medical school to admit—and thus celebrate
The Growth of Woman.

Through the first admission of 1893,
A mother and grandmother can hear the cry of
Their now generation announcing her admission
Into the #1 Medical School in America, with the shared dream of
Her someday working for America’s best hospital.
Where like the residents of Johns Hopkins Hospital,
She can commit to treating Alzheimer’s—
In hopes that her grandmother can remember her graduation.

Looking back at her walking the stage to join men and women who have mastered their respective
Graduates of the nation’s best nursing program, as well as one of the most esteemed schools of education.
Joining Blue Jays who sang and pranced in dance in the conservatory of the prestigious Peabody Institute,
And other Blue Jays of every color
From every major.

The Blue Jay remembers taking strolls on The Beach with friends outside Eisenhower,
And taking in Charm City’s National Aquarium
to complete the
Inner Harbor experience.

She remembers joining friends in The Nest, to watch the best Lacrosse team in the country…
And she remembers flying out of her mother’s nest,
To aid the next generation of the nation.

On this graduation day, mother and grandmother watch their Blue Jay walk
With school complete,
But she has much more work to do.
She will be a resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital,
Where she will continue to fight for more medical achievements,
Such as the accepted treatment for Alzheimer’s.

It may be too late for her grandmother, and the victims who
Have already fallen behind,
But she can walk forward to ensure
That future generations that meet this disease
Will not succumb to the sad fallen tracks—
By continuing the pattern of Hopkins discoveries
And Progressing to
The Promise of Tomorrow.


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University of Maine Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)


All year round the Black Bears claw through the East Outlet of
waterways waving out to a free flow of
fresh lobsters, land-locked salmon, and native trout
from the brooks. Hiking the forested coastlines through scented tassels,
We are elevated by the free breeze that we travel without airfare.
On the Maine land, Bears are inclined to wander pines and whitewater raft the many streams
during three seasons up until winter…
When the Bears come out
Full Force
like a catch from the pond—
to the on-campus site
we are
All Fond.

Like Stephen King,
Maine is where we make our Stand,
And what better place than the
Alfond stands?
Grandstanding with the Screamin’
Black Bears Pep Band,
This place fills like a stein
and we toast in kind.
We drink to our banners
held near and dear,
The Maine-iaks are like Sharp’s—
They’re always
Near Beer.
In the ’01 finals
We all were near tears,
R.I.P. Shawn Walsh,
Take with you our cheers.

Shawn raised us from the ground up—
Up to the hanging
of five Hockey East Banners and two national titles:

The ’93 Bears who bordered perfection
And in ’99…
When Wildcats felt the deflection.
Wildcats make claims about what they do,
We’ve got two,
How about you?

This is a Border War where
even when they strike back, they still don’t even the score…
Because even though they shout out that we suck,
Like our goalie on guard at the net:

We don’t give a flying puck.

What we give is Kariya, Pellerin—
Great Names,
When ‘Cats enter Alfond
We give
Great Pain,
Fill the stein and drink
To ol’
Great Maine,
Here come the Black Bears
down the lane.

Headed to the bars
on to score,
through the lips of fate
we drink some more,
Taking in

Parties, Trees, Hockey, and
Maine we will drink these days away,
and not a drop from these days will
wash away.


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