Final Say

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*Final Say*

Year after Year,
Day after Day,
Beautiful Faces
Fading Away.
They display photographs of famous faces
That I no longer recognize.
They memorialize images of common people that I have never seen.
The late are displayed the same as when they departed,
and the same with the living elderly, even if a celebrity.
Sometimes I notice that middle age is not far ahead and prime not far behind.
But what I Always seem to notice
In All these photographs:
Are beautiful faces that have faded away.

Each photograph is so up to date…
Of course it has to be up to date…
We must show them as we remember them,
Not as they may wish to be remembered.
They must display the most recent of what remained,
but If they Really want to be Post-Modern:
Why not show the Remains?
If that representation wouldn’t be fair,
Why any different than when they’ve lost their hair?
When selecting the image
to remember them by,
Do not automatically start from today:
Let’s give Them a Say.

If I could address the media — during my Last Rites,
I’d Demand my Own Representation,
That should be in
All our Rights.

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
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2 comments on “Final Say
  1. This is very good. I love how you offer a different perspective on the departed

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