She Can Grow

From Art of Mind II: All In

*She Can Grow*

It will not always be like this.
Believe it or not.
Yes, that nestling daisy will blossom into a bird’s-foot violet.
The whole world will want to pick at her, hold her,
And gaze at her beauty.
Something so delicate must be tendered…
Nurtured and cared for with the investment of a provider and the
Medicine of a Caregiver.
Yes, she needs you to be raised.
But She Can Grow.

She can manage her own Garden…
With Only the Nourishment of Nature — She Can Bloom,
She Can Grow.

What could result may be callous and harsh,
Or might remain untarnished as larch,
Whatever produces is in the roots of Her Nature…

You will not give her away to the world:
The World Will Take Her.
What She Gives Them is Up to Her.

Your flower may get ruined and damaged,
Or may remain up-kept and managed,
What’s in her Nature:
Only She Knows…
She Will Live.
She Will Grow.

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