Scenic View

From Art of Mind II: All In

*Scenic View*

I won’t be getting too far,
All your signs have made that clear.
I’m telling myself to pump the brakes, but
I just want to look a little bit longer.

I’m taking in clouds of rippled islands floating above wide open pineries and mellow-high forests with trees & leaves as green as Irish cress. Clear postmeridian sunshine belight my path like candle-light in a dead cave. I see beyond the fact that we’re going nowhere. I see beauty. Deep, Natural Beauty.

Pull over, let me look at you.

I’m not stopping,
But I’m not ready to move on.

Stop running, let me look at you.

Let me take in sky-honey fantasies with rolled down windows on either side of me. Slick Breezes skip on my skin…they groove my jagged edges to a better place — at a slow pace. I’m easing down this one-way street because I already know what’s waiting for me on the other side. Which is why as you’re avoiding looking at your latest roadkill that you never meant to hurt, I’m looking right at your cool western hills. I’m tired of trying to climb the insurmountable. I’ll just park right here and stare in admiration. It was a nice day out, but now it just got beautiful. This lonely road is now beaconed in gold — from a sun that shines all-throughout you.

This road is going Nowhere,
When I had hoped
It would lead to you…
I’m still going down this
Dead End Street:
Because I’m Enjoying the
Scenic View.

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