From Art of Mind II: All In


I see an Iris Blossom,
Instead of a
Venus Flytrap.
I capture a Meteoric Rise,
Instead of
Hanging on a falling star.
I already feel Sunbursts,
Instead of
Solar Winds.
I notice a New Moon,
Instead of
Paralyzing Gravity.
I marvel at a Green Ray,
Instead of Running from
A Thundercloud.
I refresh at First Light,
Instead of remaining with Twilight.
I imagine the South Pacific —
Instead of a
Frozen Lagoon.
I imagine Fair View Mountain,
Instead of another
Continental Slope.
I imagine parachuting Snow Mist,
Instead of a
Tumbling Avalanche.
I imagine casing a Sapphire,
Instead of
Pawning a Pinchbeck Pearl.

Now Imagine how I’d feel if it became a reality.

Don’t listen to the cynics and pessimists,
I’d change quite a bit for you…
I’d get on up off this bed,
And earn a King’s Ransom to lay our heads.
I don’t know what the future holds,
I doubt you’ll even know my full thoughts,
I’m just saying that if you Did have me —
You’d change quite a few of my faults.
These cynics say that women make the mistake —
Of thinking they can change a man…
I’ve made enough mistakes for us both,
So trust me when I say that you can.

If they are referring to thugs and criminals,
And I should ever convert to that type:
I’d soon match your white — and quickly shed old stripes.

They keep on giving that advice,
But think again before you
Take it as True…
These People — They Don’t Know Me,
And they Sure as Hell must not know You.

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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