Under the Table

From Art of Mind II: All In

*Under the Table*

Didn’t you know?

You have to have a D Cup to Pour Drinks,
or at least be
Too Hot to Handle.
And if you wanna sell merchandise, then
You better have the Goods,
and you can’t just tell about the offer, you
Show ‘Em What You Got…
Seems if you’re not Working with Something then you’ll probably
Working for next to Nothing.

I’m just informing you about the ways of business:
They don’t think they’ll make a Fraction: Without a Main Attraction.
But now that can’t be, can it?
We wouldn’t drink less just because her top shows less,
We’d still get Tanked even if her face looked Pranked…
And I came in just for the Wings!
Not cuz I wanna add Breasts.

Now I’m not Sayin’ I won’t look —
Just That Food was all it took.

Wish I could say this was just for overnight sensations
With misguided hopes of undercover relations,
But it seems the same applies to every field of taxations —
Sometimes even more than gigs without Taxation…
A degree might not be enough if you want to be on top,
Sometimes it takes being on bottom to be directed to the top…
Seems I can’t find a woman in a suit that I don’t want to tear out of —
You should be able to be a little overweight and still Wait,
Still expect a lot of tips without being granted tits…
And be a little full and still have some pull…
Excuse Me. Can I please get a casual face?
Or see someone get hired without an ass like a vase?
Well all the “real” women now are probably sitting behind desks:
If she’s only taking calls then we can pretend it’s Jessica Hall.
And right when they find their sanctuary —
They’re bumped for a hot new secretary.

I tell you if Jill Scott and Kelly Price can sell as modeled,
Then you gotta figure if they had a slimmer figure
They’d be making over Eight Figures.
They may be lucky they even got in, because someone surely said to them,
“You’re too big to Fit In.”
Every day a deserving Executive is turned into a Fry Lady,
If you got a Hatchet-Face then they make you a Crybaby.
The Fairer Sex has been treated Way too Wrong,
Debarred from Equal Opportunity against
Their Own too Long,
It’s gonna take a Strong Man
To come and
Right this Wrong,
Or a Natural Woman like Aretha
To sing a Shaping Song…
Until then I’ll take my service to whoever fills my needs,
That doesn’t change if she’s a Sprig or she has Double-Ds…
And I don’t tip for the cleavage — I’ll tip for the
Deeds —
You shouldn’t have to hit your knees to hear a simple, “Yes, Please.”

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.


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