The Losing Battle

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
Available Now (Link Below)

*The Losing Battle*

When he showed me the mirror,
I saw he did a masterful job.
But as I left the shop,
I couldn’t help wondering:
How many times
The clinic could resuscitate me.
When I returned to my room,
I found myself staring at
My own Reflection.
What I saw staring back at me
was an outright defiance of time.
I could see Da Kid holding on to the
Branch of Youth,
In spite of the winds of change.
In fact it was hard to fathom this display
of Resilience
Withering into a hoary stage.

But just as sure as I grew since birth,
And hair grew from my family jewels,
This image was to be as temporary
As my years in nursery school.

I saw heart, vibrancy and determination
To win this external struggle…
So at the end of this hanging stare,
I felt a heavy sadness:

For you may have won this fight,
Dear Friend,
But you’re in a Losing Battle.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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