From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
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Pick up the electric hammer,
Let’s break down this
Massive Wall…
It won’t take much strength,
All you have to do is Call.

Don’t just write on my wall,
We can destroy this
Mighty Wall…
I swear it won’t take much strength,
Just one, single Call.

Thank you, I got your message…
Now we’re on the right track…
I reply, we don’t message again —
That makes two steps back.

Some Abstract Walls are just Artificial,
Moreover Superficial…
These walls that are keeping us apart —
Are the Real Issue.

Past Generations plowed through walls
without obstruction.
Pens, Planes, Memories, Trains…
Would lead old friends back together.
Some drove through states—
Or flew through gates—

Just to see that familiar face…
Now the only thing between
Old friends—
Is a link on MySpace.

If we could reunite in person,
I could watch your countenance rise…
There lays my profile pic—
Which ruins the big surprise.

New friends the saddest make me,
When we met we had a ball…
The next day we had these walls,
No more motivation to Call.

These walls cause a sickness:
They make All friends lethargic—
To fight this epidemic:
You mustn’t live between them.

Stop writing on these walls,
That message meant nothing
At all,
Let’s mallet past our walls,
Only one of us has to Call.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.


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