The Reminder

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
Available Now (Link Below)

*The Reminder*

I saw a pretty girl today,
And she reminded me of You…
Then I saw another —
And to my surprise,
She did too.

I saw a Greyhound,
And all the Passengers,
A Fire Truck,
An Extinguisher…

Lake Michigan,
A folded tent,
A Ferris Wheel,
A small basset…

A bumblebee,
A Tiny Dwarf,
A ladybug,
An infected wart…

A bathroom stall,
A composite sketch,
A sewer rat,
A polished jet…

A Meadowlark,
A Sandy Beach,
A Hornet’s Nest,
A Parakeet…

Today I saw a lot of things…
They all reminded me of you.
Then when I saw you—
You reminded me of me.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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