Inside in the November Rain

From Art of Mind II: All In
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*Inside in the November Rain*

Yesterday was a night called “Black Wednesday.”
Tomorrow is known as “Black Friday.”
Today I should be out Celebrating,
But I refuse to discover “Black Thursday.”

Today is 11/25,
Exactly 5 months to the day,
Though I haven’t had much to be thankful for,
I’m still Celebrating the Greatest Art —
After All.

It is the art that composes me,
When in the past — I would have been viral,
I’ve found that there is always an upside —
To lift me up amid a Downward Spiral.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?
Maybe the rain will begin to fall again…
But today like many weeks before it —
I’ve grown to love these ruffled shoes I’m in.

It isn’t thanks to dated clichés
Such as, “It could always be worse…”
I was feeling bad enough as it was,
but decided
Hope, Peace and Love
Come First.

Hope comes with every breath that I draw,
Peace is an inner trans-movement,
My love is bottled in as its companion —
So it leaks from every word that I sketch.

Millions of gathering loved ones prepare to feast as this clock strikes Noon,
While my room and table remain empty,
My stomach sits still —
It’s still early; I know I’ll eat later…
“Mother Fate” will fill me up,

Even though most have already eaten.

Go ahead and “gobble till you wobble,”
And while you’re filling your apparatus,
I’m here laughing at that goofy status.

Hell, it’s still a good feeling.

As I dine alone to a parade of games,
Outside there is a crowd of cheers…
Somewhere out there is an Antwone Fisher,
Who in this moment is Moved to Tears.

That to me is a Cause for Celebration.

This weary, grey Autumn sky
Forebodes a Sanguine day of Conviviality
With tangelo and pumpkin leaves
being shed from this reposed
Tree of Harvest
with Mandarin stuffed felicity and Cranberry dewdrops
In an Outpouring of Affection.
Only a few miles away but still back from a Leave of Absence.
Go on in, take your coat off,
Check the problems of the year at the door.

I’ll be Inside in the November Rain,
Suiting up for a frigid December,
And think back on this year and my life,
To make this a November to Remember.

I play the ballad by Guns N’ Roses,
With ECW making the tunes contextual,
Been doing it since ’98,
It’s my own Annual Ritual.

As another year winds down,
I know not what the next one holds,
But I will stand firm,
Prepared for Whatever Unfolds.

I’ll Keep Getting Up Until I’m Full,
But Never Settle for Seconds.

I gave up on giving up,
I’ll keep on thinking lofty…
I Quit being a Cold Turkey,
And turned into a Big Softy.
I believe in unrealistic dreams,
I grin at the corniest jokes,
I still believe in Miracles and Angels,
Despite reality’s relentless pokes.
I fear I will again awake
To the Cold Rain of The Pain that was Streaming,
Yes, I Know Nothing Lasts Forever,
So Let Me Keep on Dreaming.

* * *

Next Year, just like Today,
I’ll Just Be Thankful for Being Here.

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog.

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