Use My Imagination

*Use My Imagination*

You looked a lot better
before I saw All of you…
Please continue this fantasy,
I can wait to come to.

You sounded much better—
Before I heard all your tracks,
Some songs are better unheard,
I wish you had took That One back.

Time stood still,
Frozen in a daze,
But I bolted on out
When you told me your age.

Superstar you Are,
I admire your Charm,
The tabloids don’t hurt You,
It’s My Image they Harm.

No, no — Don’t tell me your past,
I don’t want this Perception
To be My Last.

Some people always ask:
“How did they do that?”
I just applaud the Magic,
And skip the chat.

My vision of you
Is Larger than Life,
Don’t bring me back down
from this Cloudy Height.

The Imagination can roam free of All Boundaries…
All it Takes:
Is just a Few Limits.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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