University of Minnesota Poem

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest
Available Now for 99 cents! (Link Below)

*University of Minnesota*

Minnesota is blessed with water in acres,
Our many lakes and skyscrapers make us great,
We run through our mills and life’s purity distilled:

This is the Gopher State.

Over 10,000 lakes form the Land of Sky-Blue Waters,
Between the Mississippi are campuses on either bank,
The U of M is the Gateway to guarded history,
A better school, to be sure—to be frank.
With America’s mall and state fair at our shoulders,
We shrug off the boasts of all the other burgs,
The school of Twin Cities is the wedge of opportunity,
Taking full swing like our own Patty Berg.

An F5 of pride rolls across the Wash’ Ave’ Bridge,
Onto the East Bank of TCF and Will’ Arena,
Among the affected is the stock in the Barnyard,
Rabid Gophers with the fervor of hyenas.
Craving Big Ten Basketball and Big Ten Football,
We outwrestle competition in the name of tradition;
We defend our border from Badgers at all costs,
To this conviction we will wage our tuition.

When the Maroon and Gold is in the fold,
Take it all in, have a seat, and snag a scene,
Then read on the changes of student expression
In the latest issue of The Wake Magazine.
They may catch up on our news but not our chemistry,
Our chem-engineering turns molecules to modules
That fuels new concepts that react to overdue process
Converting life science into modern rules.

We’re pioneers, frontiers, and centennial men,
Global women of the Superblock and this community,
Who lend a hand to hear talented local bands,
Service provided for betterment,
Not self-impunity.
Time at the U illuminates many local paths,
Shedding light to guide youths through all the fray,
We guide our own and build tunnels for the next passage,
And say:

That is the Gopher Way.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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