Thank You

From Art of Mind II: All In

*Thank You*

“Thank you,” he said, with a still expression and tears in his voice.
Sincerity soaked in those two small sponges, and it was the shower of acceptance —
or Love — or both — that befell him and he used to absolve himself.
She acted unaware, but she knew what he was thanking her for.
I’ve heard the same phrase spoken by fallen angels who were picked up when they thought they could never stand again…they showed gratitude in their loving eyes and frequent appreciative strokes. But in case that wasn’t enough, they say, “Thank you.”
They package their delivery with emotion so those two little wings will travel farther, but in case that isn’t enough, if asked to explain their message, tears often escape the silently quivering voice and spill down towards their lips.

“Thank you” — it’s a phrase said so often in passing, it’s often taken for granted.
Patrons to Servers
Recipients to Delivery Men
Checkers to Baggers
Customers to Clerks
Clerks to Customers
Owners to Visitors
Strangers to Strangers
The Clumsy to the Generous.
The same two words for handing down dinner rolls are expressed in this much more profound instance.
Those two words alone can’t be depended on, so they’re emphasized with deep, earnest stares and soul-measured tones to ensure the full message was received.
It is usually dropped long after / / And Before a specific act of kindness. Just a “small”
“Thank you.” Those who have said these Thank yous know to what I am referring…
and so do their recipients…though they usually insist on acting surprised.
I am not too proud to say, “Thank you,”
but they usually leave before I have a chance to tell them.
So when faced with an Eternal Dilemma:
Either continue falling deeper into a dark hole, or take it all as it comes…I decided it wasn’t much of a dilemma.
Can’t say that I’m happy… nor content… but I am something a bit Easier:
I’m at Peace.
There may come a time when I am faced with that Dilemma again…
Then again,
I could actually become Happy.
Until then, I’ll keep grinning,
Someday, I may even start smiling.

I am proud to have come this far on my own;
but I’d much rather have someone to thank.

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