Saint Louis University Poem

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest—Available Now for 99 cents! (Link Below)
Alma Mater Vol 2. Available March 3, 2015!


In 1906, at Saint Louis University,
The first ever forward pass was performed.

We’ve been passing forward ever since.

Our mission has progressed from Grand Center and the Gateway Arch
motioning to the capes of Madrid.
We did
become the first American institution to be European legitimized.
Baptized by the same holy water, though miles apart—
We all impart the duty to serve the same mighty God.

Pass it on.

From Bermuda to Glendale. Tell them the
Faithful prevail.
The St. Louis Faithful.
The grateful who give back until they have given it all.
Here is our Sword:
Our Highest Award.
To those who gave themselves to humankind
In kind they have sipped God’s glory.

There are a slew of universities across this nation. But only one
Decked in blue and purified white. The campus of urban and peace: An awe-inspiring site.

There are Billkens rubbing the Billiken’s belly and finding service in DuBourg,
Absorbed with respite at the clock tower with comrades, glad to form lifetime friendships with those of the same faith as well as those with different ones. We merge together as a family of over 140 student organizations, including the SLUnatics who come out to Chaifetz and the Billikens Sports Center to support our Saint Louis Billikens.
Saint Louis University is a global village that treats the entire city as our neighbors.
In 2001, at St. Louis University,
The first Campus Kitchen plate was passed forward.

And we’re still passing to this day.

And for the 9th consecutive year, our Health Law program ensures that the sick are properly healed. Anointed the best Health Law program in the nation, we ensure that the mind, body, and heart of the spirit is exorcized from all malignant evils so that the prone will also rise and on Sunday Mass join again with the body of Christ.

In the words of St. Gregory, we give no matter how small, because it is not small to those in need, and neither is it small to God.

At Saint Louis University,
We live and thrive with a Higher Purpose for a Greater Good;
Sanctioned by a
Higher Power and a Greater Glory.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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