OMAHA! OMAHA!…Poem (University of Nebraska Omaha)

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest—Available Now for 99 cents! (Link Below)
Alma Mater Vol 2. Available March 3, 2015!


The road of ambition begins with affordable tuition.
For this reason,
UNO paves the way for Omaha’s future by helping them pay their way.
With one of the most competitive tuition costs in the nation, Omaha extends the Omaha Welcome in a MAP program that encompasses Western Iowa and a Midwest student-exchange program that allows students from eight other states to join this small-town community with a Big-City Pulse.
We also offer scholarships for athletes in all of our 15 NCAA sports, and for all students: The Mav Ride gives
A free ride
To enjoy all of what Omaha has to offer—
College World Series Baseball, the popular Old Market with Omaha’s best places to hang out…take in art, drinks, and delicious food—including Saturday morning’s Farmer’s Market in summer & fall, where like in all of Omaha, you’re guaranteed to see someone you know.
Omaha was home to the best wrestling program in the 21st century, winning a staggering 6 out of 8 national championships within a decade. We ruled the wrestling world with an iron fist…
Until we let go of the hold.
We couldn’t save the wrestling, but we can keep building this community
During weeks like Spring Break with Seven Days of Service and by removing stacks from the bills of pursuits. UNO knows that we must invest in our future,
Because we just can’t afford to lose it.
Withdrawing your entire means will not be necessary…
Omaha, Nebraska is a hidden treasure of America which Mavericks agree is truly priceless.
And the University of Nebraska at Omaha is determined to clutch
And share this treasure

By Any Means Necessary.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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