Alma Mater College Poetry Series

Do you love poetry that is different, fun, and outside the box? Do you want to learn about all the major universities in a non-boring, creative fashion? Have you ever wanted to know what makes each university unique? Now you can find out in this memorable series that re-introduces the world to the greatness of these universities.

Alma Mater Vo1. 1 is a groundbreaking collection of poetry dedicated to the major universities of the Midwest. On March 3, Volume 2 will be released and we will travel to the Northeast–widely considered the most prestigious region of higher learning in the nation. As we anticipate the release of Volume 2, click the link below and take a tour of the Midwest in Volume 1 for only 99 cents. In this volume, 100 of the top universities of the Midwest are opened before the reader. Find out why Kirkus featured the series in its monthly magazine, and called it, “A Thoroughly Unique Poetry Project” and an “Engaging Poetic Tour of the Midwest” with “A variety of delightfully unexpected poetic forms.” In doing so, you will prepare yourself for Volume 2, which promises to take the series to another level.

Follow for sample poems and updates on the Alma Mater series and other wonderful projects.

Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest is available for sale below for only 99 cents:

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