Palms and Semi

From Art of Mind II: All In

Palms and Semi

*Palms and Semi*

I’m paving my own paradise.
I’m making my way through a rainbow field swirling in a tropical landscape:
Palm trees as high as my imagination can reach, supported by gold & strawberry red stems.
There are high translucent wires parallel to the trees.
They hang like telephone wires in a secluded woodland…and above it all is the clearest blue sky.
This makes me feel like Hawaii.
Now I want to go there next.
Or maybe Savannah, Georgia or down the road over to Miami.
This feeling is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.
Feels like open air with only
Silk on the Skin.

I sit alone, only me and these palm trees.
I’m too inspired, and just like those cords
I’m too wired.

I must paint what I feel.
I can’t leave this all with me.

Left only with my paint and no paper… I begin to stroke…
I sure hope the owner of this Semi won’t mind…
It’s the only thing here…so it will have to do.

They too are probably wandering and taking this all in…
I’m sure he or she won’t mind.

These up and down strokes begin to blend with the setting,
but now I must take a step back
to look at nature’s work.

This scenery takes me away, so I may not return to my modified canvas…
I do believe the owner will not mind…
I’m sure that he or she will see the beauty of it, too.

Painted by Donna Marsh

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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