Wright State University Poem

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*Wright State University*

A second-semester sophomore at Wright State University was flying through her Classical Humanities Program when she received a phone call that changed her life.
Then another.
And another.
She received these life-changing phone calls for months until she decided to make a change in order to make a difference.
It was a rocket-propelled grenade that exploded near the Black Hawk helicopter
that took the limbs of a fighter pilot from Dayton, Ohio. They projected the recovery time with therapy would be a year; but with the care of nurses and doctors with the best neuroscience and rehab, she has learned to move forward and fight for tomorrow with the ammo of hope.
Some people change majors in order to change lives, and after dining at The Hangar with her attentive roommate,
She decided to change majors in her sophomore year
To become a Rehabilitation Services Major—
So that she can help others like people helped her sister.
Wright State is the double clutch that gears us to the direction we are called to go—
Transmitting ambushes of epiphanies above the safety propellants.
After graduating into the world resolved to make a difference,
She got another phone call from her sister;
This time to share that she will graduate next semester.
With the therapy and artificial parts given in her care,
She was strong and prepared when Wright State gave her life new legs.
She graduated a Proud Raider just like her baby sister;
Now through the wings that carry,
The Wright Sisters are
Flying across Dayton, Ohio…
In quest of more kind lives
To Change.

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