Alma Mater: A College Poetry Series

Alma Mater is a poetry series that is inspired by and dedicated to the best universities in the United States. With every college there is a poem that attempts to capture the essence of the university in an authentic and engaging fashion. Last year was dedicated to 100 universities of the Midwest. This year I made a vow to progress the series, and with the prestigious and lively institutions of the Northeast, I had plenty of inspiration to do so. And today I am very proud to see that work come to light with the official release of Volume 2: The Northeast.

In total, there are 100 poems covered in this second installment that raises the bar for the Alma Mater series. Sure, there will be readers who do not see a noticeable difference between Volume 1 and Volume 2. There will also be readers who believe Volume 1 was superior. But the vast majority of readers will see the noticeable progression of Volume 2, possibly as early as less than a quarter through the book. The content goes deeper. The party schools go harder. The verse and comprehensive material is even more diverse than before.

Kirkus Reviews has described the series as “A thoroughly unique project” with “A variety of delightfully unexpected poetic forms.” I see it as a project that reaches out to millions. Whether college alums, current undergrads, or those who seek to learn more about the country itself or maybe just have a love for poetry. I believe this series has the makings to cross boundaries and go beyond just the genre of “poetry.”

When Kirkus Reviews Magazine posted a feature on the series, they informed me that less than 10% of Indie Books make its pages. I can only imagine how much of that percentage is poetry. The percent is likely less than 2%. That shows me that there is valid hope that this series can jump barriers and really help advance poetry through its ability to connect with something nearly everyone can understand the appeal of: College Life. But the potential of this series can never be reached without your support.

I hope you all will take part in this series and help spread the word not only to poetry lovers but also to friends and family who are attending or have attended college. Or maybe even to a high-schooler you are close with who wants to learn about universities in a non-boring way. And who knows? Maybe from what they’ve learned a chain reaction will ensue that leads them to their future destination. The highest honor I, and any writer could ever receive is to influence someone’s future even in the slightest by their work. Please show support and spread the word, especially upon finishing a volume, so that this series, and by extension – poetry— can reach the world in a brand new way.

I would like to thank those of you in advance who purchase either Volume 1 or Volume 2, which are both available as e-books for only 99 cents each. I set a price at a rate that yes, even college students can afford, with aspirations not for making a profit, but to share a project that I hope will allow readers to re-live, pre-live, or appreciate college life currently lived. You can find the link to the just-released Volume 2 beneath my name. I welcome any comments and/or questions from anyone who would like to know more about me or this project.

Clyde Aidoo

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