University of Missouri – St. Louis Poem


Tritons choose UMSL because on a day like UMSL Day,
They’ve already opened the future before us;
And they give us a cordial welcome
To where we want to go.
With St. Louis jazz in the background, the youth of Missouri gets a glimpse into the ultrasound of this future life. And unlike next year beneath three-hour lectures, these future Tritons hang on the faculty’s every breath.
Every department is here to tell students like a high-school senior from Overland about the nationally recognized Criminal Justice program.
A student from Lafayette High School is learning about the International Business program, and how like Triton of mythology—
He can advance over seas.
The Faculty and Current Students are translating the UMSL Code for those who next fall will come to understand:
That UMSL is simply home.
In two years a visitor from Wildwood will change places, and stand among the voices of the campus calling the future forward,
And he’ll tell high-school seniors that he chose UMSL because it was days like today, along with full packages of aid, and a caring faculty built on a campus of trust,
That showed it wasn’t these students who chose to go to UMSL,
It was UMSL—
That chose us.

UMSL Day takes place this Saturday, March 7 at the Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri

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