Colgate University Poem

*Colgate University*

It was Colgate Day, Friday the 13th,
And this is the tale of the Lucky 13:

Running in a panic on this haunted night,
Not a soul around or a party in sight,
The G Phi B ran clear of the silence,
Into a safe house that emptied the dryness.
Finding this house was just Colgate luck,
And there were twelve others who partook in such.

Three people got lucky for the first time,
Giving it away after taking their time.
Two lovers first kissed while they walked the Willow Path,
Knowing that a wedding lay in its aftermath.
One passed a math test with only blind guesses,
Luck is the factor no proctor assesses.
A Raider scored the winning goal to beat Cornell,
The luck is the Raider shot the same time he fell.
A couple caught a glimpse of our Adam & Eve,
The swans at the lake that helped feed their reprieve.
One got a free drink at the Old Stone Jug,
And it came with a wink from the bartender’s mug.
Through the COVE a Raider was lucky enough—
To be the one to boost one down on her luck.
And one got the letter of acceptance from the dean,
To complete this great legend of the Lucky 13.


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