Missouri S&T Poem

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest

*Missouri S&T*

Missouri S&T are Miners of gold, green, and silver;
Climate leaders, the silhouettes of advance,
Transmissions of the Sun and earthwork’s giver—
Providing a century Stonehenge and a Millennium Arch,
In the march to megalith
the Miners deliver.
They reconfigure the sun’s science and form an alliance
Connecting solar energy to manmade appliance,
Applying Science & Technology to make

Human-Powered Vehicles
Cars ran by the sun,
We’re Engineers without Borders
On the
Race to the Sun;
Constructing Solar Homes held by energy balance,
Hands-on achievements through collective talents.
Redefining sun’s science—with each brick,
Inspired by our patron saint: Ol’
St. Patrick.
Missouri’s shining silver becomes a
Gold Mine for Green
In the parade and festivities
Where we paint the town green.

Through St. Pat’ and our Miners
We charged and reached the sun,
Powered through solar breaks
Breakthroughs by the ton.
At the sun our many treasures sustain and mount up,
With mounds of our Innovations
worked from
The Ground Up.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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