Butler University Poem

Congratulations to the Butler Bulldogs for advancing to the next round of the March Madness tournament!

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest

*Butler University*

The Butler Way is the understanding that it is much easier to make a clapping sound with the use of two hands. And when ten hands share the orange circle,
What results is a
Round of Applause.

Many hands have joined together inside the Hinkle Fieldhouse to pay reverence to
The basketball cathedral of Indiana. Like a chapel injecting a granted prayer, this Fieldhouse has been a house of healing with manufacturers of magic:

Bobby Plump’s game-winning shot for the 1954 Indiana State Championship.
Roosevelt Jones stealing a Gonzaga lob with 3.5 seconds remaining to drive down the court and nail the game winner.
The magic in this Fieldhouse has unleashed The Bulldogs to back-to-back Final Four victories, and we won’t stop running until we capture that championship banner.
Since 1928, the Hinkle Fieldhouse has hosted presidents, record-breaking Pan American games, and most of all:
Tony Hinkle shaped the basketball and the form of the game
with the Hinkle system that has sprouted throughout the sport.
In 1928, the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse was shaped;
Thereafter, through history—the Fieldhouse has shaped us.
Winston Churchill’s belief in the power of a building
Has taken life through the memories of us.
Today, Butler sells out Home Sweet Hinkle,
With Indiana’s history in our hearts.


History is a shadow that every man wants to illumine,
But no man can light or write it alone.
The Butler Way is leading the Bulldogs to the annuls of Hoosier history,
And in this company,
The applause light will never fade.

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