New Release: Alma Mater Vol. 2 (College Poetry)

If it’s World Poetry Day during March Madness, what on earth could be a better time to read a collection of poetry celebrating college life!? Stumped!? Me, too! The BRAND NEW Alma Mater Vol. 2 The Northeast is now available for only 99 cents and it features schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and schools still fighting for the NCAA Championship like Villanova and UAlbany! Be among the very first readers in the world to read the latest installment of a poetry series that invites the nation to learn and experience the best colleges in the world through equally adventurous poetry. It’s Saturday. Come join the poetry party of the year on this poetry day for only 99 cents…then go enjoy the games!

Recommended Kindle Viewing Format: Landscape

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  1. […] New Release: Alma Mater Vol. 2 (College Poetry). […]

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