University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire Poem

*UW—Eau Claire*

When blue & gold come together…There is a beauty that lives by the river.
It is found all over Eau Claire,
which is why we have the most beautiful campus in state.
A campus where Blugolds intertwine and mingle with the meadows,
Whispering our motto through the breezes & it breaks the fence—
A word morphed into a campus-wide goal.
Our excellence is reflected in those we have hosted
inside our celebrated Forum.
Names of prominence like
Sherman Alexie, James Meredith, Gene Siskel, Martin Luther King, Jr…
Give our students a reality to aspire to become.

When you attend the Viennese Ball, and you waltz to a retreat in the eyes of your companion, recognize that in the background is our Jazz Ensemble—
That gives your love and every limb on this campus
A greatness to step towards.
These jazzy sounds give our feet the distance,
For there is excellence in their measure.

Eau Claire is where you can enjoy the festive college life wearing a gold evening gown to a Madrigal Dinner. It is the regality of a ball of formality, with nature as a necklace with a small-town charm.

Dance on in the arms of your lover.
When the song is over, you continue to sway.
And when you go home, you remember that excellence—
Grab hold of something great:


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