“Expression” the Orphan

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World

*“Expression” the Orphan*

You don’t control what I do,
And this isn’t
“Giving you Lip…”
Just because we’re Kin,
Doesn’t Mean
We’re Joined
At the Hip.

I may still roost in the nest,
But my mind is free to Wander.
You can take back the key,
But you can’t lock creativity.

Success hatches your biggest fans,
While Obscurity hosts these same Cynics .
I may have come out the gate last…
But with one fat check:
You’re following My footsteps.
The scent of cash is strong,
Like a Wolfpack that smells their
Own Blood.
You brought me to this planet,
but my Expression is Agamic.
But Sometimes Expression has Costs
That not even Cash can Change:

It is Family that cuts a Budding Adult,
who would have gladly opened her blouse…
It is Family that changes a lyric—
Reducing A Booming Voice to a squeak of a mouse.

I will not change even one word,
Or a single letter in-between these pages,
You’re either with me or you’re against me:
A sentiment I’d pass down to generations
For Ages.

Follow ClydeAidoo.com for more poems from the Art of Mind and Alma Mater series. You can purchase Clyde Aidoo’s latest release, Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast, a poetic celebration of the top universities of the Northeast below.


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