Kent State Poem (In Memoriam – 45 Years)

*Kent State*

On the inner seams of Kent, Ohio marches a formation of
Excellence in Action.
Golden Flashes like a Napalm Bomb.
These Flashes—
Drop Bombs
In programs like
Conflict Resolution.
Because the thing about war is that
There is no resolution,
Our bombs have peace as the solution.

Here is to the Kent State soldiers who rioted for peace;
In Memoriam, May 4, 1970.
Here is to everybody who was there,
And the Flashes of Achievement
Still here.

Here’s to the Weekend Warriors at Kent
Who celebrate freedom and youth,
Who on Mondays can say, like survivors,
“I was there.”
“I will never forget that.”

Here is a salute to the Navy.
And a salute to the Gold.
A double salute to Kent’s students—
Current. And old.

Yes, this is for everybody who was there.
And for everyone that the government sent
Here to Ohio with loan and granted fare,
And anyone who ever said, “I went to Kent.”

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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