UW Madison Poem


Go On, Wisconsin.

Proceed as the Badgers that burrow through this state’s bureaus
Mine a line of reform that runs roughshod throughout these United States.
Stay the activists on the frontlines who major in change.
So say we, The People’s Republic of Madison.
The residents of The City of Four Lakes who occupy the reasonably radical in march for an advancing nation.

Advance, Wisconsin.

Inform the World with your voice that
War Is Not the Answer—
Only the Dub.

Go on, WHA and WSUM 91.7. Tell them about the havoc wreaked on Mifflin Street that the authorities tried to quell, but in unison:
We Rebelled.
This May Saturday is open to the entire block, and indeed the entire block of the Midwest.
Go on, Daily Cardinal and Badger Herald. Tell them about the all-campus parties that fall in the spring, then seem to spring again each winter, while other cities hold out for summer.
Tell them that Bucky throws a hell of a party.
Oh how we danced the night away at Club Bucky and then jammed till the break of dawn at Buckystock. And like all the other Badgers, Bucky still rises at the morning sun to carry the Cardinal and White flag out onto the field at Camp Randall Stadium.

Forward goes our driving spirit long before the football is even snapped. And when the game endures, our endurance only strengthens, as the stands quake by 80,000 Badgers Strong:
Jumping Around.

You haven’t had a football experience like this before; because you’ve never been in a town like this before. Where the town and school fuse as one family. Blood is thicker than water, and here in Wisconsin,
We all Bleed the Same Red.
When we claim Paul Bunyan’s Axe,
We Bleed.
When we plowed to the Rose Bowl Championship under Barry Alvarez,
We Bled Red.
When we claim the Heartland Trophy and The Big Ten Football Championship,
We Bust Open with Pride,
And spill onto the Kohl Center as
The Grateful Red
to cheer on Bo Ryan’s Crew
Never Fade Away.

Kohl Center remains solid on ice,
With the best fans in college hockey,
As in ’O6 when we celebrated twice,
With both Men’s & Women’s priding Bucky.

There goes Sara Bauer! Slashing through the lines!
Wisconsin showers women like Sara Bauer, who hold this town together much like a Mortar,
And the school needs women of wit and verve like Abby Taubner—
The promising
Weekend Reporters.

As visitors and residents remain in awe of our State Capitol, the Badgers of UW inhabit the Memorial Union.
They savor the Rathskeller Ale,
Then snowball fight on Bascom Hill.
These weekends make Madison a college city,
With parties in Ogg, Sellery, and Witte.

Before & after the party scene,
We maintain a spectacular scene.

Hangouts in the warmth of Memorial Union Terrace with kick-backs and snacks.
The students go sailing in voyages of vast & joyous waters with winds of discovery and crashes of camaraderie waiting on the shores. They row, row, row along this terrace, crafting new findings of beauty; and together breathing her name.

They walk along with wildlife down the smooth dirt course of Lakeshore Path: Living in touch with the striking colors of change in seasons, with a breathtaking view of Lake Mendota.

They settle at sweet summer spots like Picnic Point and Muir Knoll to draw in this divine creation.

This is the place where every person in our student body is a member of the Cheese Club,
Because no one can stop smiling.

God Bless this School.

This was meant to be your school.
Badgers, this was meant to be your song.

On, Wisconsin

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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