Columbia University Poem

*Columbia University*

Our Alma Mater,
Let us address thee.
At your ivy threshold, the blue academy of
New York’s finest,
We alert the presses of your honors & fill the news of your highness.
Columbia Daily Spectator, monthly fills of Blue & White, we maintain our esteemed history with the Current, and wide releases from this literary Mecca.
This is our nation’s Mecca; and like our city, we make good hosts to today’s world leaders where free speech has a forum, and we make a home for tomorrow’s world leaders, an exemplary model of United Nations in a manifold circle ensuring the say for a global community is circa yesterday. We took the route of Columbia—
New York’s #1 Subway
Engineering Entrepreneurs who tally into
the Silicon Alley. The leaders that give the Big Apple its starch began at Lerner Hall with the First Year March. Freshmen march on to become the song and dance of the Varsity Show,
and light the stage like College Walk before they go.
And 40 days before goodbye,
They grab a cold 40,
40s on 40 until the night becomes early.
In the days to come we walk the steps
which we’ve become fond,
the Urban Beach of sun and fun that
froze our warm bond.
Now up the Low Steps we reach our Alma Mater,
and in her crown and grown,
She’s as divine as she ever was.

You are already adorned with laurels, and glow with knowledge and golden wisdom, but we shall continue to wrap you with the world’s most Nobel Prize winners to complement your jewels on 29 Heads of State.
Sit still as we decorate you with Academy Award winners, Supreme Court Justices, and the lasting touch:
All the blended colors of
New York City;
Our Alma Mater,
Let us dress thee.


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