Miami University (Ohio) Poem

*Miami University*

Oxford, where the cradle of light is coached
Beneath moons of rise and quiet change,
And mallows glisten from sunshine’s range,
Is the ground where the bricks of potential are poached
By quests of teachers & students encroached.
Gathered in quarried halls like MacCracken & Langstroth
Are RedHawks in flight like Katherine Rice,
The synchronized beams on earth & ice—
Miami is our light, we are the moths.
To this historic campus we pledge our troth.
Our Oxford,
Where the Hawks land Uptown
For fine city living to lay work on the edge;
This perch holds the enduring beauty of an amaranth
With teachers cultivating our growth year round,
Let the RedHawks sing with an everlasting sound:
My Love & Honor: I pledge.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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