University of Indianapolis Poem

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*University of Indianapolis*

It’s been another long night at UIndy. Everyone’s studying for the exams—complete with writing cramps,
Frappuccino solitude,
And peace between half-functioning roommates.
Stand up, stretch your legs…
Break the silence with a much-needed break…
It’s Midnight,
Let’s go get some Breakfast.

Midnight Breakfast in Schwitzer is where UIndy races
in preparation to meet the Finals head-on.
Residents from Roberts, Cravens, Warren, Crowe…
Everyone on and even off campus scramble to the Center to get some eggs,
sausage links, hash browns, donuts, and yes,
More coffee, Professor.
This is the rest stop where Greyhounds refuel.

Students are wearing hoodies, sweats,
Scarlet & Gray Scarves,
Some lay on the carpet aside the walking aisles,
Some sit with friends at a table,
Others sit Indian Style.
It is the calm of the night with late-night company,
Exhausted minds—and yet no one is tired,
Greyhounds could bark & bite it up right here forever,
Even after the moon and stars have expired.
There are pages and books on the floor & blankets,
There’s also some dancing & plenty of laughter,
This is a place where clamor and calm sit together,
To help students prepare for the day after.

There’s something special about studying with close friends
Under the moonlight,
That makes performance anxiety
Feel alright.
Greyhounds don’t need to go to sleep—
They give it a rest;
So their minds can stay up
for the grinds
of the test.

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