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Welcome to the Allen Fieldhouse.

Pay Heed All Who Enter.



Welcome to Kansas:
Pay Heed All Who Enter.

Recognize the marvelous architecture designed to give thought along the milkweeds and natural scenery that is the beautiful Kansas prairie. The city of Lawrence is managed by one of the nation’s best programs—running the urban outline together with our 1,000 acres and wooded hills. Understand that we prize Special Education and give the disadvantaged unbounded freedom. Know that we fight for freedom;
Have Fought for Freedom—as abolitionists determined to be a Free State and win the war against slavery.
Know that we won.
And please believe
Kansas Wins.
And in the Allen Fieldhouse there is no debating that.


Welcome to the Allen Fieldhouse.
Pay Heed All Who Enter: Beware of the Phog.

All the fans in this building and even the Jayhawks who are studying abroad can
Feel the quake and Hear our noise.
Here in Lawrence, Kansas, the Jayhawks make a lot of noise:

Five National Championships.
The Most Conference Championships in NCAA History.
Longest Current Streak of NCAA Tournament Appearances.
Longest Current Streak of Winning Seasons.

We have a lot to cheer for. And since 1955, this has been the home of
The Nation’s Biggest Home-Court Advantage:
In the Loudest Arena in College Basketball:
We have the decibels to prove it.
After we give our chant and blow the roof off of the Fieldhouse,
The reason we throw Kansas Confetti is because by the
Look of dread that has befallen you as we pronounce the final “U…”
You know that you’re screwed,
And we know we’ve already won.

♫From now on, just expect that you’ll lose,
From now on,
Call us Royal Blue♫

This is more than a basketball arena, it’s a raucous party.
Like a flock of Jayhawks lining up Mass. Street,
It’s time for a ‘Hawk of a party.
There is a crimson inferno that crams this arena,
When foes and fans enter, neither are the same.

I shall see this great sight, why this fire does not wane.

First sparked by our very own James Naismith: Who handed America the Rock.
Chalk it up to another Kansas miracle.
After delivering the wonder of basketball, miracles have remained in our tradition.
They have been pushed up the court by Danny and the Miracles in 1988; and twenty years later,
Mario gave us another miracle with an astounding shot sending us to an overtime victory over Memphis for the 2008 National Championship. It is here in Kansas where we gave this sport the miracle of Wilt Chamberlain and scads of basketball heroes. We gave you this game and the honor that comes with it. So when you enter the realm of the Basketball Kings,
We will mercilessly take it from you.

Royal Blue.

While enemies like the Tigers only muster Cold Wars, we’re dropping bombs from long distance. With shooters like Heinrich, White, and Pierce—
We can’t miss.
Which is why the so-called Border War was a territorial slaughter.
And in 2007, our Football Team joined the Task Force—
Winning us the claim to the most combined wins in Division I history in a single year.
We have won the glory to hold up Kansas and say this is our state.
In the Allen Fieldhouse there are no peace treaties,
Sorry, Tigers, You didn’t have enough Wheaties.
Instead, they chose to eat Frosted Flakes,
Errr, that’s why they’re not so great.

You couldn’t cut the muster so we Waved the Wheat,
Your parting treat is the Crown of Defeat.

It ain’t over until the Jayhawks sing,
And our chant was sung before the first whistle,
After the call of the crowd for Crimson,
We take foes to school then blow the Steam Whistle:

Class Over.


Come spring, this call can be heard from atop the hill as the Jayhawks celebrate another victory. As is the norm for Jayhawks on the basketball court, these thousands of Jayhawks have made it to the top of the hill. After climbing this hill for four years, it is now time to walk down.
The process begins on Memorial Drive as the flock moves through the Memorial Campanile down the hill to Memorial Stadium. They “ride on a Kansas gale” in a glorious view of the golden valley, and proclaim,

“I am a Jayhawk…and I always will be.”

These are the Jayhawks who like Andrew Reeder, James Naismith, and Phog Allen, paved the way for the incoming class.

To all the freshmen who embark on following these lasting claws,
Here are the directions:

Pay Heed as You Enter.

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