Central Michigan University

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*Central Michigan University*

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe are people of honor, pride…and
A Chippewa once said that a civilization is not measured by the heights of concrete buildings, but rather its people, and how they interact with their environment
And one another.
CMU is an institution of fellowship. A place where over 25,000 students come together with the camaraderie of a single neighborhood.
The Chippewa Tribe is our neighbor. And with pride we will defend this name.
Because this name represents not only tradition—but respecting tradition. CMU is host to community events such as the Michigan Special Olympics, family fun like Siblings Week,
and the Merrill Hall Block Party.
CMU operates many campus-wide events of school spirit…

We also throw a hell of a party.

Fire Up.


Like a Cymbal Crash of fans in McGuirk Arena,
It’s going down—
Get Fired Up.

There’s local bands tonight at Hunter’s & Rubble’s,
It’s going down—
Get Fired Up.

Rainbow Seekers, Frontier Ruckus, Newday Dreamers:
Shoulders of Stones—
Fired Up.

Beautiful Bones—
Gold lit up.
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!

We go to O’Kelly’s for pint night,
The best spot for game night,
Watch the Red Wings, while eating hot wings,
Fire it Up!
It’s Party Night!

Oh, Wayside, Oh, Wayside,
Pitchers of Beer—
Waist High.
Stripper Poles,
Hard Grind—
All Night.

Some say this place is a little sleazy, but

♫I don’t see nothin’ wrooong….with a little dance and grind♫
Besides, these drunken undergrads
Don’t seem to mind.

And when the room begins to spin after
The Bell-ringers,
Class is erased:
Revelry is now in session.
Fire up.
Keep it hot and sweaty:
Turn up-Turn up.
Dance-Dance all night,
Fire up-Fire up.

Wayside is the place where when you see a familiar face,
First you’re surprised,
Then you greet and grind your neighbor,
And hope tonight they’ll stop by to visit your place,
You’ve worked the floor now you must put in the labor.

With a designed game plan to get the final OK,
Guys unlock car doors, then soon apartment doors…
Like the big moments in Kelly/Shorts Stadium,
These are considered the
Key Plays.

Get ready to shoot the cannon,
because a lot of folks are gonna score tonight.
Hail Chippewa! This victory is shared
When two or more people divide the delight.

The following Tuesday they run into their neighbor,
One returns from class while the other’s
on their way…
It is more than a customary greeting,
It is a shared remembrance
The Chips say,

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