University of Minnesota Duluth Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

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This world is not a place of those who can and those who can’t,
It is a world of those who can and those who won’t,
Shannon & Her Teams prove to those who say that women can’t:
That this world is about those who believe and those who don’t.
Bulldog Women’s Hockey won the first National Championship
Through Miller’s Belief with leadership from Maria and crew,
The Men’s National Champions of 2011 helped guide the ship,
Along with Five Women’s Titles to prove we’re the “those” that do.
Hark! The Duluth Bulldogs have earned a prideful bark!
Along with the pleasure of enjoying the Duluth Nightlife,
Countless bars and pubs then tomorrow to Canal Park,
At Duluth South Breakwater Inner Light.
Breathe the natural beauty of Lake Superior and waterfront,
Carry on like the S.S. William A. Irvin,
Our Drive is for Discovery and there are Bulldogs up front,
When in misty turbulence, stay the course & keep swervin’.
The Duluth Bulldogs are roused by the life our waters arouse,
Those who can: guide themselves and sails of others,
And those who can: adjust the world’s mapped routes…
Causing the waters
to shed from others.

Follow for sample poems from the Alma Mater and Art of Mind series. You can purchase the newly released Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast, a poetic celebration of the top universities of the Northeast below.


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