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Solitude .
These circumstances I rationalize, When the facts are much more clear:
I’ve been Institutionalized.

Like a stubborn inmate,
I refuse to take the blame… Taking credit for this imprisonment Would further tarnish my name.
No, it wasn’t me!
I was set up from the Go…
The world conspired against me—
I reached out, and they said, “No .”
I justify my sentence — With each stamped letter
Eloquent Sentence…
I point out and not to the sky,
Chains Locked on my Repentance .
Though I make a good case,
The Evidence is right in my face:
I don’t want out of this place.

When a man is thrown in solitary,
He won’t come out the same…
The longer he is boxed in — The less of him remains

Not even in General Population —
I’m in this small black hole… Soft hands tried to pull me out — And I dismissed my chance at parole.

Most prisoners take what they can get,
A Halfway-House would Suffice…
If I should leave this hole—I want a Paradise.

What’s more frightening than living in a hole?
Making the hole your home.

I’ve come to expect this slop—
That you’re so kind to serve…
But I don’t want sloppy seconds, So I’ll keep that seat reserved .
I’ve had my chances to flea,
With a decree of “Not Guilty,”
When I saw what arms awaited… I had to Change my Plea .
So I am just a fraud,
I’ve Chose to serve this time… I may be physically confined — But not even I can shackle my mind.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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