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Put down your macho ego,
It’s ok to love
Beyoncé’s “Ego.”
It’s ok to bow to Queens,
That doesn’t make you a parasite,
And not the least bit “queer,”
Turn it up louder — it’s alright . You don’t have to like Bette Midler From a Distance.
You’re so far away…
Doesn’t anybody just love pure art, anymore?
Carole was a Queen among “Kings,”
Don’t subject royalty to your demean.

It’s ok to love Beyoncé’s “Ego,” and not just for Kanye’s Propane Spit…
It could very well be her best,
Even though not on her
“Greatest Hits.” It’s ok to sit and look, but Stop hiding behind their looks. Admit it, you like her voice,
Not just because “she’s hot,”
Being macho is OK,
But stop trying to be something you’re not.

That Glitz, Those Steps, Those Moves — All dazzling in that video: Created a Universal Gem — Made in an epicene studio.

Her creativity spread all over that piano,
Ohhh and the way she sang in the end…
Could bring any man to tears — It was truly as beautiful as her glow. . .
Please, put down your Macho Ego,
You can love Beyoncé’s “Ego.”

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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