Quinnipiac University Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
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*Quinnipiac University*

A Quinnipiac Bobcat has found a quiet place in the woods of the Sleeping Giant State Park
a short walk from campus.
Hours after his slumber, and hours before each home game,
This is how he awakens.

It is the brunch hours of an autumn day, and the Bobcat
is marked with quiescence in these mountain trails
in the calm before he storms the TD Bank Sports Center.
But before he goes to win the Heroes’ Hat with his fellowmen,
He first must complete his ritual.

The Bobcat takes the Blue Trail of the park to a secret hiding place.
Hidden under leaves beneath the umbrage of a black oak, he finds a letterbox
left for his examination. With a knowing grin upon his face, he opens the note
left by his love. The message is simple and brief:

Meet me outside Toad’s Place after the game.

A custom shared by the couple after every win, though never formally
planned in advance. He now advances up to the chin of the mountain with an affecting view of the
Quinnipiac campus. As he prepares for tonight’s game, so do
His classmates who are currently chatting about it by the fireplace of the student center.
Some stayed up all night in the 24/7 library studying facts about the season and tonight’s opponents,
and there are also roommates making plans and sending invites to friends who will join them
at the face-off. Then they race off to watch the team conquer the so-called giant of Yale.

As the Bobcat looked out into the campus, he could only think of how touched he is
To be in one of the hottest hockey programs in the nation,
To be in a campus surrounded by such beauty,
And to have a lady love he was fortunate enough to meet

At Toad’s Place after the game.


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