University of Delaware Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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By ratifying the United States Constitution in 1787,
Delaware not only became the first state of our
remarkable country,
but it enabled citizens like the Blue Hens
to wade the river onto Delaware,
Receiving payouts of freedom
in this settlement.
These wings have taken programs in horticulture to new grounds,
and in physical therapy & engineering, our anthem sounds:
“Knowledge is the light of the mind,”
And every soil
Must have light.

This is where American soil was first planted,
Where it was signed that our freedom
had been granted.

That freedom is still found in Delaware today,
You can hear them say,

Blue Hens rejoice

This is our voice

Let Freedom Ring


UD is where freedom is celebrated every day.
Where we ring the Victory Bell every time
The Blue Hens Strike.
Where the best cheerleaders in the nation show how
Gleeful we are to be here.
Where the marching band twirls the school spirit in the air,
And it falls right into the Cockpit.
GO UD! Demonstrate the liberty of our country!
Freshmen who are new to freedom celebrate by
Revolting Russell’s policies…
Vandalizing the sanctity of quiet hours.
These values persist as Hens move up to Ray Street,
and is a staple in the rooms of Dickinson.
Similarly to the signers of our constitution,
in the party scene, Delaware
Dares to be First.
Including house parties where no one
Dares to be first,
At UD,
No one dares to keep thirst.

There is binge drinking found on Main Street,
Chased up
With Kate’s nachos and Grotto Pizza.
Hens enjoy a warm meal up on Iron Hill,
and wash it all down again with a
home-brewed cold lager.

Main Street is where like our
Prize-winning Cheerleaders,
We give censorship the flip-off.
We remind our countrymen through our riot:
That we are on a strict no-give-a-fuck diet.

This, fellow Americans,
Is the New Revolution:
College debauchery and drunkenness at its finest.

This is what independence looks like.
Fellow Americans,
Let Freedom Ring:



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