Breaking Love

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World

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*Breaking Love*

“Love Can Move Mountains,”
While still
“Standing the Test of Time…”
In spite of wisdom’s common tokens,
Love is quite Easily Broken.

Romance’s Greatest Poet,
Love’s Greatest Romance,
A Poet’s Greatest Lover:
Are all exposed to the advance
of Flesh.

The Fragrance of Love
Is Not
As Potent as Lust,
This Natural Truth
Is what All Couples can Trust.

It seems their slumbering scene,
Put all suspicions to rest…
Though all this really means:
They’re not yet put to the test.

Even if conscience and
Fraud Records are Clear,
This is only until –
Temptation’s Head Appears.

Frequent requests
From a potential mistress,
Many men could resist,
Now try a Worldly Goddess.

That gleam in her eye
Is only shining for one,
Yet that scream of a sigh
Could be evoked by a ton.

It’s not a question of love,
Or a matter of Faith…
What determines your fates –
Is lurking predator traits.

The most devoted spouse
Can still be aroused
By a face in the crowd
If situation allowed.

Some girls may be Chaste,
And some guys may be Saints,
But one Room for Mistakes
Is really All that It Takes.

The lights go out,
Upstairs rendered dim…
All Digital Control –
Handed over to Him.

Cupid’s Savory Potion,
Is what open mouths show,
But in this unlit Heaven –
Their sweeter juices flow.

This carnal paradise —
No mind could forget,
These illicit memories –
Do not reject regret.

The frame, pillar and post
Crack during this primitive poke,
Vows gone cold without cover –
Merge with all the articles Broke.

To “Break Love” is drenched
In Lust,
It’s a term for
Rebels of Passion…
It upholds that
For a Positive Action –
Lies a Stimulating
Wicked Reaction.

While Couples deny this Test,
so they can continue to be Making Love…
Lovers aren’t just Making Lust,
They’re also “Breaking Love.”

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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