The Catholic University of America Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*The Catholic University of America*

The Lord’s clear, unspoken words:
“Let there be right.”
CUA does right by His light,
And His word in all its depths,
And for days that missed those lost first steps:
We will March for Life.

We will take the Way of the Cross,
Encounter with the Spirit,
Unwavering Cardinals near it
Through prayer, worship, and retreats,
MLK Service that day and all weeks,
Finding injustice so we can clear it.

Founded by Bishops, led by Cardinals,
CUA believes in the power of alms,
A power given from cleansing palms,
Delivering good like the mothers who lift,
Children too are a gift,
As written in Psalms.

God is our light, as well as our path,
Headed where the righteous share what we do,
Meeting our Lord will bare what we knew,
In this kingdom spread—for all the dedicated,
Here where our faith will not be validated…


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