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At Edwardsville, you get the activity of Illinois,
With the safety and scenery of Missouri,
This SIU campus is our love and joy.

In the Lovejoy library you may spot a Cougar,
These Cougars will grow old & leave—but they never lose their spots,
The Red & White keeps building like Cougar Baja.

Inside Peck Hall you may discover the Bio Club,
Whispering about the creatures in the St. Louis Zoo,
A trip held near and dear like a bear holds its cub.

In Dunham Hall you’ll see an imperial dancer,
Dancing with a partner in a grace that’s developed,
But their melodious love is a sweetening enhancer.

There are advancers of political science:
The Political Science Association and Pi Sigma Alpha,
Who challenge uncivil practice with a willful defiance.

The Breakers are in the Morris Center with their B-Boy stance,
As Cougars walk through Center Court with their trays of nachos,
They set down their food to stay & clap their hands.

There’s a trio of juniors camped at Cougar Lake,
Discussing homecoming, their hometowns, and next weekend,
With the breeze off the waters their pores softly take.

Circle K often occupies Circle Drive,
With colors from many nations going around:
A circle where every heritage is welcome inside.

In Cougar Village there’s a game being played of Assassin,
And like the most defensive player in the game:
Over time, these bonding memories—will stay in.

Though games of solitude are playful and fun,
Like the Soccer Championship of ’79:
It is through teamwork that our credits are won.

At SIU, Cougars make everyone better,
Like a group project turned in before midnight:
The SIU Cougars work together.

Illinois and Missouri have come together in the E,
Through teamwork—the Cougars always get the W,
Then celebrate the SIU union of We.

Follow for more poems from the Art of Mind and Alma Mater series shared daily. You can purchase Clyde Aidoo’s latest release, Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West, a poetic celebration of the top universities of the West by clicking the link below.

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