Purdue University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

AlmaMater_Midwest HQ

*Purdue University*

We make our own way in a mass transfer of vim,
While we forge footsteps, other schools fall behind,
One small step by them,
Is another giant leap for our kind.

Titanium does not orbit on its shelf,
The time to produce is never too soon,
If Boilers awaited change to make itself,
We wouldn’t have put a man on the moon.

Makers are unburned by slow logistics,
This cradle of creators shape an active nucleus,
We take off in the study of ballistics,
When what man never knew rises to creations new to us.

Flying to Mackey Arena and Ross-Ade
Are Boilermakers ready to toil like Purdue Pete,
Through Stadium Mall is the Gold and Black Parade,
Racing through the streets like the annual Grand Prix.

The Breakfast Club is a locomotive through Chauncey Hill,
Phi Kappa Tau and the Greeks of Lafayette
Drink enough for the future—when memories refill,
As the mothers of moments—we could never forget.

Like the traffic in the lines of Earhart,
This world has givers and it has takers,
There are Hoosiers sitting and afraid to start,
Then, thank God, there are Boilermakers.

New Boilers in the Gold Rush will find Old Gold,
Awaiting their creations in these malls of reverence…
Go on to fly to outer space and break the mold:
Make your way.
Make a name.
Make a difference.

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