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A friend of mine once told me that
There is no such thing as closure.
When they’re done, they’re done,
That’s It,
It’s Over.
It’d sure be nice if it was more like the Soap Operas.
I don’t mean the yelling and the drama and the throwing stuff…
It’d be nice to know that you’d see that face again, and that whatever is meant to be —
Will Be,
And whatever happens — there will be closure.
It’d be nice to saunter aimlessly about town and end up on a pier at the same time the woman on your mind is just standing there, looking out into the water…all by herself…
With Absolutely No One Else Around.
That’d sure be nice.
To have that kind of timing, and for it to be out of our hands.
Only in real life this never happens, instead the weeks go by as we await a phone call from the one who has to deep down recognize the error of their ways…or at least have the courtesy to discuss their
But the phone never rings.
I’d like to just take a walk through the park in an empty town designed only to unscramble empty pieces and puzzling endings and find the same woman a week or so later. Once again. All by herself.
And not even be like,
“Oh my God. You again!? What are the odds!?”
But just simply state,
“Hi. How are you?”
All…Matter-of-Fact Like.
Then we’d pick up where we left off at the pier.
And if it must keep happening at the park, or the same pier over and over again, or best yet — an empty bar, that’s my favorite…then so be it. It will continue to happen because in this world, our guardian angels refuse to let us go out like that. They will see to it that we get that closure we so richly deserve.
And after everything is finally out and settled…suddenly, that park, the pier, and the only local bar in town suddenly become even emptier…or much more crowded.
And the face is gone as it should be.
Like a relationship purgatory that didn’t know where to go, but is now finally wherever it belongs, and out of your life.
It may be awkward at times, but it’d sure be nice to have a little closure. To find out what went wrong without always being the one to pick up the phone.
Or better yet, to say an amicable goodbye and sincerely reflect on memories one last time.
Yeah, that would be nice.
Almost as if thinking about the other person wills it into happening.
If it were like that down here, then
I would’ve seen her Every Single Day…
Until there was closure.

I don’t think I’d be the only one.
Those parks would be as packed as Wrigley, those piers as crowded as Navy, and those bars would have
*Capacity Met*
Yes, yes, yes, it’d be Nice to have just a little closure.
But that’s why it’s a Soap Opera.
Because here in this lonesome town:

The Phone Never Rings.

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