I Could Hold The Best Conversation

From Art of Mind II: All In
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*I Could Hold the Best Conversation*

I Could Hold the Best Conversation!
Record Milestones
Like the Couples Do…
I don’t need to ever Get Off —
As long as I can tend to you.
I’ll listen like no one has —
Before you know — Three hours pass…
Your voice really revs me up…
That’s why I’m far from being out of gas.
Gabby Blondes, a Rambling Lush —
Ellen Degeneres, Craig Ferguson…
Had I not been so out of practice —
I could’ve held my own with anyone.
I Can Hand Hold the Best Conversation!
I Know I Can, I Know I Can!
I did when I was Growing Up,
So I know this mouth can Yak Again.
Do not be fooled by my reticence,
I’d be glad to offer my two cents…
Once I’m rid of these distractions —
This void will fill interactions!

Lunchroom Conversations,
Picnics with familiar relations,
Pick the occasion or the setting:
My attention Spans
Parks to Serengeti.

I’d Rule the Art of Conversation,
Clyde’s not in, it’s “Your Royal Highness…”
This Call I Cannot Answer,
because My Life Rings of Awkward Silence.

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