Georgetown University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Georgetown University*

Oh Lord,

How we give praise for the Blue and Gray,
We give thanks for this school each day,
Our union has won us the right to say,
We are the faithful Hoyas of Georgetown.

Thank You for the strength to take ownership
of our school with a Hoya’s tautened grip,
Frontiers like The Corp will hone this ship,
Equipped for the land of Old Georgetown.

The Students of Georgetown have come forth,
To give thanks for day one and the days henceforth,
Capped by G’ Day on the month of fourth,
Then we bear our gowns with Your grace.

Before we depart, we take off to heights,
Adjacent the Capitol—and other great sites,
Healy, Potomac, basketball nights,
Thank you for teams that changed basketball’s pace.

Led by Ewing, we took the biggest prize,
The ’84 Champs, who made the banner rise,
We’ve had great centers take our school to highs,
And when we prayed for a guard, You gave us The Answer.

Guarded by Your Power—to greatness—we send
Stars to the next plane with Your presence—amen,
We praise these players, but You blessed these men…
As talent’s Highest enhancer.

We ask that Cura Personalis remains,
For future Generations—through our remains,
To the next life when our spirit regains,
The same force while in Hoya Blue.

We ask that contemplation is put to action,
In our government, our clubs, each faction,
In improved society, we’ll reap satisfaction,
When all the credit is due to You.

Please grant us the courage to brave rough waters,
Like our champion sailors who prey like otters,
In the flow of Your song, we pray as lauders,
Boosting Georgetown in Thy righteous name.

Georgetown welcomes all, regardless of faith,
Freshmen arrive and we give them Escape,
To find brothers and sisters—who can relate,
From different backgrounds to all in the same.

Georgetown is Union; Both Into One,
Where teams, dreams, and blue streams have won,
The grounds where Hoyas in concourse have run,
Through great rivers and back to the docks.

In Your name, Lord, we pray on behalf
of Hoyas who have chosen the Jesuit path,
Let trespassers against us—feel our wrath,
Your might & Hoya Saxa is What Rocks.

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