University of Maryland Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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A garden enlivening meets beholder,
The park where sunrays and days are golder,
The school with open trees inside its folder,
Stunning evermore as she grows older,
Taken by this queen are Terps who hold her,
Maryland, Our Maryland.

First Look shows the appeal of the Fair
500-plus clubs welcome and share
Determined as a Terp against a hare,
In race to a place with rapture’s snare,
Halt the march! We made it there!
Maryland! Our Maryland!

North and South, New and Old,
Diversity and union we shall hold,
Halls without scum, a floor we mold
To serve liberties our flag has told,
The colors of black, white, red, and gold,
Maryland, Our Maryland.

Stirring the artist manqué’s core,
Inspiring the soul to sing for more,
With Clarice’s name dashed on the door,
Where Henson’s steps helped set this floor,
Let’s see Art Attack a great encore,
Maryland! Maryland!

Pile at the Mall on McKeldin’s lawn,
Rise to the tulips of M that dawn,
Circle ’round the letter the bulbs have drawn,
At Terrapin’s Turf the night will spawn,
Through dusk together we’ll gulp the yawns,
Maryland, Our Maryland.

Midnight Madness came from one school’s teams,
Fear the Turtle! The slogan screams
On the fields we find the seams,
In Xfinity, the score gap reams,
In all the sports the win light deems,
Maryland, Our Maryland.

Ludwig connects the team with Crew,
National Champions through & through,
Soccer, Basketball, & Lacrosse, too,
Football bleeds the spirit’s spew,
The nightlife now will always brew,
Maryland, Our Maryland.

To moonlight’s call the Terps abide,
The sundial sleeps as toasts collide,
Through columns of white we troll outside,
Diamondback columns have Terps inside,
Wherever Terps are, it’s side by side,
Maryland, Our Maryland!

This College Park has upward swings,
Its toll rises and boldly rings,
Mother of hearts, deliver the wings
To shell out the luck Testudo brings,
With carillons of yore each Terrapin sings,
Maryland, My Maryland!

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