UMass Amherst Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*UMass Amherst*

In the UMass Amherst’s aisles of Du Bois,
What remains here—is quite the massive noise,
From immortal poets—lasting great men,
Women, scholars, and the Minutemen!
These 26 stories will survive the test of time,
This is where we mastermind to beat the tests on time,
When between sets we tell the times of Amherst,
Just the h is silent, it’s OK to converse.
Where else but here can we tell tall tales?
The tallest library—from Amherst to Wales,
These happy tales are much too good to be true,
A true dream school where no one wants to come to.
We’re very glad we came and happier to be here,
The best college town, life’s harbor with no peer:
Music, art, and cuisine from all the world,
With Antonio’s—the best pizza in the world!
That test we studied for, whoa, it was wicked hahd!
We gotta retox and hit the parties wicked hahd!
We hit ’em wicked hahd on the ice with Mass Attack,
Those guys got cracked and couldn’t even fight back!
We cheer our teams long, till legs can hardly stand,
You want an all-nighter? Just call Sam the Minuteman,
He’ll go all night as the Minutemen perform,
They fight wicked hahd as the other teams deform!
The Minutemen rise with allies like Paul Revere,
Dickinson, Frost, graved neighbors who rose from here,
We climb Du Bois’ stories—without disguising
This Minutemen formation of
UMass Rising.

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