An Artist’s Eyes

From Art of Mind II: All-In
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*An Artist’s Eyes*

Have you ever looked into
An Artist’s Eyes?
If you have then you too have traveled where I have.
You too have been lost in a maze in amazement.
Yes, they are masters of holding another dimension…
Of making viewers
Lose themselves…
They hold mystery and an interpretation left for you to own…
They do it with their hands, their wrists, their fingers….
But most of all
I’ve seen them do it with
Their eyes.

* * *

Have you ever looked into an
Artist’s Eyes?
I mean really looked?
They are often distant, and somewhere far, far away:
Nestling in a daydream utopia.
Seemingly unaware of this world around them,
yet strangely — also
Taking in Every Detail.
Sometimes I dare ask unexpectedly,
“Are you an artist?”
Why they are surprised that I know — I have no clue.
It’s as transparent as water color,
As embedded as acrylic canvas…
It’s in their DNA:
They study, they focus, they
train their pupils to dance…
So as I study them:
Boy do they dance.
Together we waltz
As my eyes stare back…
For as much as they study me,
I accept the challenge and
gladly study them, too.
Yes, I know you’re away from your canvas,
But I hope you still take requests:

Paint me a picture expressing more than words.
Leave me guessing with the most abstract of glances.
Take me away with your imaginative stares…
And stroke my soul without brushing my fabric.
Yes, leave me with a lasting impression…

And P.S:
Keep wearing your own eccentric neo-fashion.

I applaud their wardrobe — then return to their eyes:
They gladly meet my requests.

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