Tufts University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*Tufts University*

There is a light at the top of the hill,
And this light shines Brown & Blue,
There are candles in ritual—held for the new,
Welcome to Tufts & our Jumbo zeal.

We are the light at the top of the hill,
This land of new ivy is reaped by a few,
This power in Mass was heaped by the true;
They formed Tufts and Tufts reforms still.

A century count of one & a half—
Accounts for the history that we hold,
And this bond that no other school can grasp.

Other Ivies behold what the Jumbos hold—
This fearless light that they cannot have,
Eclipsing the spotless halls they were told.

Tufts defies time like the Gravity Stone,
The ties from Tuftonia remain each day,
Our bids on the times helped vend eBay,
Keeping Victoria’s secret was Raymond’s loans.

Tufts is the opportunity our fathers have shone
Onto each class so that Jumbos can slay
The dark uncertainties that stand in the way
Of promise that great Jumbos have shown.

The promise of Tufts is one that is kept
By each class that raises the candle
For the Tufts name and all of its depth.

Tufts gives you a chance, so come take a gamble,
By the end of day one, and once you have slept,
You will carpe diem with a brand new handle.

Run nude in the Quad and have a Spring Fling,
As long as your roommate is gone of course,
Sing along to the music until you go hoarse,
Cheer Tufts’s sounds & let the good times ring!

The goodness that Tufts continues to bring,
Like fondue nights and stir-fry on course,
Sustains our fight to stay the course,
Then climb the hill and to Tufts U. cling.

On the famed hill you will find a cannon,
That like our A Cappella—soothes the beast,
By providing the space to paint by the gallon.

The story of our pursuits for the hill won’t cease,
This light on the hill helped us write the canon,
And on this hill we have each found peace.

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