Fordham University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Fordham University*

March Ever Upward,
Fordham Rams!
We are center stage
The World’s Best City,
Things can only go up from here.

Whether ice-skating at Central Park—cachinnating through awkward turns & slips—not giddy because strangers didn’t see your stumble, but because someone you love did…
In McGinley, at ease in the Living Room, away from sunbeams while social growth buds in you a morning glory of a heavenly blue.

Enjoying a slice of Italy in restaurants on Arthur Ave,
a New York-style sausage from the Millennium Grille,
At each
Dabbling in brilliance like Da Vinci during the Last Supper, a touch of cheese on the face like Mona.

Taking that special someone to Yankee Stadium, thrilled because you’re in the same stands as the babe,
Playing catch with friends on the great lawn of Eddie’s, watching cannons start up the air
like a corvid hurrying to its leader.

Sinking in the immensity of the Hudson River, a haunt for the enlisted who resist the mundane,
Surrendering to the boundless at Martyrs’ Lawn,
Saying wordlessly,
Remember me as today.

Whether discovering new delights in the Botanical Garden,
Rediscovering the hidden beauty of the Bronx—right here on Rose Hill,
It’s all a part of this complete experience,
In a home with quarters exceeding life’s course.

We have arrived in the Urban Escape,
Ever Upward into the Beyond:
New York is Our Campus.
Fordham is Our School.

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